OS Holdings Welcomes You.

Singobani? Who are we?

We support businesses, local government, state owned entities in creating efficiency in their business management, we automate business processes and custom make Sage Intelligent Reporting. We supply, configure, implement, provide post implementation support and empower our clients through training on our ERP Solutions namely Sage Evolution Software and recently Sage X3.Our approach is very solution oriented and customer centric.

Our attitude towards training is to empower our client through skill transfer. The goal of end user training is to give each end user a detailed understanding of Sage Evolution and the ability and readiness to independently navigate through the system.

End-user training can be provided either in a classroom setting, as e-learning courses provided by SAGE Evolution, or in one-on-one sessions.


Software Sales

We have a wide range of solutions that can cater to all your needs as a business and individual. Our sales team is some of the best in the business and will make sure you get what you need and what is best for your business.


Software Implementation

Over and above the generic implementations, OS Holdings is certified to implement Sage Evolution Elective Modules namely: Municipal Billing & Branch Accounting. We recently added SageX3 to our portfolio.


Software Support & Training

Many customers may have Sage Evolution already, we provide tailor made support for each client. Our attitude towards training is skill transfer, skill transfer, skill transfer. We are dedicated to ensure you are comfortable with the system.




OS Holdings

  • National Treasury RT25 Transversal Contract: Panel of Service Providers for the Integrated Financial Management AND Internal Control System for Local   Government for the period of 01 Aug 2016 to 31 May 2019
  • Top Referral Partner: Service Excellence 2016 SAGE VIP
  • 1ST Place Best Intelligence 2015: SAGE
  • SAGE Super Platinum Partner since 2014
  • Most Growth Nationally 2013: SAGE